[-empyre-] changing direction:what is the E-poetry of the future?

Jim Andrews jim at vispo.com
Fri Mar 20 19:20:36 EST 2009

> Will poetry journals start seeing digital poetry as a staple
> of their herd?

i posted earlier about various canadian literary periodicals facing funding 
cuts. this is maybe to be expected in the current climate but also as orgs 
such as literary journals need, for other reasons, to develop some sort of 
significant activity on the net in order to disseminate in some sort of 
contemporary way in addition, perhaps, to the usual production of paper 
journals, particularly if they're not selling 5000 copies per year and the 
cost of that production gets to be a bit much, particularly compared with 
the cultural impact of the paper product.

the upshot is that they're going to need help.

i wrote earlier about the malahat review facing funding cuts. i sent them an 
email asking them if they had any plans to do anything significant on the 
net. the reply was "The Malahat is happy doing something
significant on paper since 1967." they'll be touchy about it, of course, but 
they're going to need help. i would think that digital writers can help them 
cuz they're also going to be clueless. but not about the business.

> What kinds of technology seem promising?
> Mobile devices?  GPS?  Paper thin screens?

Promising in what sense? From an artistic perspective, a technology is 
promising if the artist has a deep imaginative grasp of the possibilities 
and nature of the medium. In that case, the art might be something more 
significant than a technology fashion statement.


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