[-empyre-] prickles and goo

david jhave johnston jhave2 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 22 01:55:15 EST 2009

the ongoing ping pong between theorists (definers) and artists (makers)
reminds me (somewhat) of Allan Watts old 'prickles and goo' distinction
for watts, it all depends on the level of magnification.
"life is gooey prickles and prickly goo"

synergistically both theory and art-making contribute to the evolution
of the whole
taxonomies and histories inform practice
while art-practice seeds insight and forces theory into critical reevaluations

epistemological ecology
involves mutually-beneficial exchanges
across remote boundaries


on another note: jim's comments re the migration of paper journals
toward digital media are cogent
poetry is a marginal niche-species and the web represents a mode of
leveraging the long-tail...
the hit count of a successful site can easily exceed (in a day, week
or month) a typical small-press book-run
literature is heading online; the media's capacities, like a vacuum
licked by wind, are being explored


and for the curious scavenger, here are 336 bookmarks I've tagged
(the first few will seem familar since they are --with thanks--
derived from items posted by others to this list)


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