[-empyre-] The <body> of Net Art; The Capilano Review

Jim Andrews jim at vispo.com
Wed Mar 25 16:02:08 EST 2009

Here's an essay I wrote called "The <body> of Net Art": 

This essay takes an 'architectural' look at net art. 'Architectural' in the 
'computer science' sense.

The essay was published in the print version of The Capilano Review, a 
relatively long-lived literary magazine from Vancouver. The Capilano Review 
is like many other Canadian periodicals in that it's operated from a school. 
Capilano College, in this case. Usually it publishes poetry, fiction, 
essays, reviews, and so on, in a Canadian literary vein. This issue ( 
http://thecapilanoreview.ca/archive.php?id=series2/2_50 ) was something of a 
departure. It was edited by Andrew Klobucar and featured writings by 
(mostly) new media artists.

And Kate Armstrong and J.R. Carpenter then did 
http://tributaries.thecapilanoreview.ca , which attempts to be a reading of 
the magazine as a work of art.

In any case, here is a literary magazine attempting to do something 
significant on the net. Working with people in new media. Actually, I think 
this was the first time any of the 'established' literary mags in 
Vancouver/Victoria have done anything at all concerning digital writing.


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