[-empyre-] jig-sound

Jim Andrews jim at vispo.com
Mon Mar 30 08:30:38 EST 2009

here's a shockwave interactive audio piece i'm working on at the mo: 
http://vispo.com/temp/jigsoundArteroids2b.htm called jig-sound.

if you don't have shockwave installed you can install it from 

here are two streaming videos i put together the last couple of days on 
jig-sound: http://vispo.com/jig/video/1 and http://vispo.com/jig/video/2 . 
these are primarily tutorial in nature.

thanks to -empyre- for the month on digital poetry and to those who 
participated in the discussion.

it's often said that poetry is dying or dead, that people don't read much 
anymore, and so on. but i think it's just changing. as it always is anyways. 
if we look at poetry as bound to a particular medium and a particular mode 
of presentation within a particular medium, then we limit it to something 
smaller than it is. we do much of our thinking and feeling with language. 
not all of it, but much of it. poetry brings them together, thinking and 
feeling, through language. poetry is in our intensest engagement with 
language. however that is manifested. it is in our committment to language, 
however manifested.

so poetry will do ok and so will digital poetry, as long as we continue to 
use computers in important ways, which is for the foreseeable future.


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