[-empyre-] divisibility and failure

Timothy Murray tcm1 at cornell.edu
Wed May 6 00:32:45 EST 2009

Thanks for such informative and stimulating posts, Stamatia and 
Ashley.  You've provided us with a fantastic opening for this month 
on "Critical Motion Practice."

Your differing emphases on "divisibility" and the choroegraphic 
embrace of technological failure brings to mind the precedent in 
sound art of the 'aesthetics of failure' through which crashes, bugs, 
viruses, distortion and even machinic noise comprise the 'material' 
of composition and sound performance.   What I gather from both of 
you, moreover, is that you relate your interest in the gap or glitch 
not merely to the wonders of digital technology but to the 
technologies of the body and its representation.  I'm looking forward 
to hearing more, and to thinking about how such 'failure' figures as 


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