[-empyre-] R: Truths and temporality

naxsmash naxsmash at mac.com
Wed May 13 09:07:38 EST 2009


Hi Stamatia and all,

I got interested in researching peaking rhythms as part of research on  
carbon PPM concentrations in the atmosphere and how to visualize it.   
In connection with this notion of intrinsic singularity , following  
Bernard Cache,  I started to wonder about
delta values, possibly a derivative but of something you cannot hold,  
ever-- an object of thought not yet coordinated, not yet mapped.  Or  
perhaps disappearing from a coordinate map.

This led to an exciting find


which develops a peaking function from a 'point' that is either x =  
infinity or is zero or both.

Has implications for measurement while itself not a function that you  
can use in a direct kind of way.

  Norah comments on how her project aims

"but to create a trace/traces of
choreographic principles or what we started calling a choreographic  
Bill wrote an essay on this that might be of interest:


so that the trace is an aftereffect but also a predictive?

just at the point when an aftereffective trace wants to become a  
predictor (like a "ideality to be actualized into a well-defined  
curve' or whatever at some future date or almost-now):

at that point I wonder if we might use the Dirac Delta Derivative?   

but i probably sound like I am on crack.


> In "Earth Moves", Bernard Cache defines the point of inflection as  
> an intrinsic singularity which is not yet related to a particular  
> development of coordinates and, like every 'solid' work of art for  
> Deleuze and Guattari, is neither high nor low, neither on the right  
> nor on the left, neither in progression nor regression, because it  
> is in absence of gravity. Inflection is the pure event of a line or  
> a point, a virtuality, an ideality to be actualised into a well- 
> defined curve. In this case, the virtual inflection point of the  
> videos appears as the idea of playing with the malleable folds of  
> time, in more than two simultaneous directions at once.


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