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Tue May 19 00:53:51 EST 2009

dear all:

thanks to our moderators for their generous invitation to participate.

If it's all right, I won't wish to speak about my own work at the minute, but wait a bit, 
there is still time & space needed for response to what was said earlier,
and what Laura Cull has now set in motion. 

Indifference is necessary for an 
erasure of agency at the critical moment that allows a coupling. 
This  coupling can result in Chimeric Flesh.

We are fascinated by the diverse locomotion of living things, of the 
flocking behavior of birds and the swarming behavior of insects
>> [ Stelarc] 

In december of 2008 i did a 365 hour performance in mixed reality called
Becoming Dragon, in which i used a motion capture system and wore a hear
mounted display so that i could be immersed in Second Life for the entire
duration.....one of the main explorations was to see
if one could learn the new movement required for a new identity using
virtual worlds...

In this way, I find the notion of indifference to movement difficult, as
in my experience movement is always closely tied to desire and affect. In
fact, considering the practice of Theater of the Oppressed, and the
trajectories of feminism and cyberfeminism, it seems that learning not to
be indifferent to movement is critical, learning to listen to the body. In
my experience as a transgender person, it has taken me years of work to
learn to allow my own desires to exist and that has come through listening
to myself and exploring my own body and movement and desires and affect.
>>  [Micha Cardénas]

so i want to extend greetings to the borderlands hacklab, and all the

it was  pointed out to us  [by Reggie Cortez Woolery] that mobs are not auto-poietic
but can be used to do another body's bidding, inflicting violence upon real people.

perhaps the dialectical positions (<<above>>) could be addressed, to get a stronger
grip on the political assumptions underlying the notion of task envelopes.  It would
also perhaps be fruitful to think about the collaborative practices addressed,
both artistically and academically/discursively (research practices), in their
relations to soloism and the position of solo user (say, someone visiting the data
base interface of Synchronous Objects), and the conceptual position of imploded singularities.

for Dragon, i found i small haiku, written by the Japanese poet Basho:

Furu ike ya!
Kawazu tobikomu
Mizu no oto

The old pond
A frog jumps in
The sound of water


with regards
Johannes Birringer
Dap-Lab/dans sans joux

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