[-empyre-] learning movement, mixed realities, desiring slippage

Johannes Birringer Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk
Tue May 19 16:55:35 EST 2009


fascinating citation from a dancer (something we need to hear more here) about practicing inventive curiosity,  and Dana Caspersen,
ending in the reference to Takasui, helps with her reminder of conscious activity of  body-minds never inert but always responsive as well as generative
and listening-in, hearing in  (perceiving-in light    and being in-sound)........ I 'd almost claim that it'd be impossible to dance with an indifferent body that is "beyond its phenomenological subjectivity, 
beyond memory and anticipation," as Stamatia argues so eloquently,  but then again, i am not a buddhist and could very well be wrong.

thus the slippage seemed actually very beautiful, about the hear mounted display...

 [Micha wrote]
>In december of 2008 i did a 365 hour performance in mixed reality called
>Becoming Dragon, in which i used a motion capture system and wore a hear
>mounted display so that i could be immersed in Second Life for the entire

oops, this should say "head mounted display"



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