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hello Laura

thanks for your responses and suggestions.. and i will take a look at  Soft Materials.

I think i had it in mind  the other way round, however.  The robots are programmed to move or have AI programming enabling them to learn as they evolve along,. and the robots i watched in Quartet"s were altogether more interesting,  sort of along the lines, but differently,  of Louis Philippe Demers'/Bill Vorn's  La Cour des Miracles  (interactive robotic installation,1997)  -- an astonishing work of machining movement choreographies that blows you away. 

 Soft Materials, created during what some call the 'Digital Revolution', sees a return to the physical object in an arena of embodied play. Ironically, the objects in question are technological creations, and ones that mimic our own animal physicality'. 

I found this idea of the robots' learning to move very interesting ........ It comes back to paying attention, imitation, repetition, experiment
... but how might the model work in relation to technochoreography?

and, thanks for your follow up on Deborah Hay.

I have not seen this latest work of her, but read the interesting interview with her in TDR (The Drama Review : 51 / 2007: Dance Composes Philosophy Composes Dance Series on New Choreography, Part II ), which actually was part of a special series of published papers on dance and philosophy, I think the piece on her work is called ""The Story of O,O"", and at one point, Deborah speaks about watching herself moving (on video),   and she disarmingly (when interviewer asks her why she does not always now dance herself, solo, but gives her propositions to others), makes a moving comment about her age, and what it is like to watch "just an older woman dance" there.  This has stuck with me. 

and i don't think we have addressed the critical issues involved, in our cultures and their various obessions and fetishconfusions, with age and non-surgically modified slowing down, changing our bodies, becoming changed.


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