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Micha's post on the transreal was very welcomed here, i am sure you gave us more to think

queer strategy of blurring boundaries and
categories and continuing to push that limit, not only the line between
genders and sexes, but between the real and the virtual, the human and the
machine, but still holding onto an affective sense of compassion or
holding onto a consideration of the ethical stakes of such an

and with Haraway, also again more grapple with.

<<"when species meet"
expresses this incredibly well. This quote gets to an explication of some
of the ethical questions involved in bringing together people and machines
or people and other species:>>>

Not sure that we have found a way into the transreal in the new installation our ensemble is working on,
but we are composing the mixed realities of UKIYO now,  and are moving back and forth  (can one say that?) between
real and second lives, and we are also (in the scene called  "Kruchonykh collider") learning some mixed languages: 
haikus and zaum....

with charming propositions from the beginning of the 20th century russian revolutionaries

slow down to zero.  
               Symphonies around the 7th parallel
               Orchestra at the equator

	   Get ready. /  Switch on./  Automatic operation./ Stop.



(this one was for the mineral workers)

thanks to all of you for such ongoing tremendous discussions.

Johannes Birringer
Dap Lab / dans sans joux

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