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Tue May 26 10:55:26 EST 2009

We seem to be having server problems so there has been a short
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Many thanks to  Johannes Birringer (Germany/UK) and  Laura Cull (UK) for
leading week three of Critical Motion Practice and hoping that discussions
about soft materials and blending boundaries will continue this week.   We
warmly welcome Sarah Drury as our guest moderator for week four.  Sarah's
work combines the components of voice, movement, performance and more
recently performative interventions in disability studies. Sarah's
biography is below.

We are also thrilled that our other guests from former weeks  have
continued to join in; Ashley Ferro-Murray (US),  Erin Manning (Canada),
Stamatia Portanova (Italy/UK), Nora Zuniga Shaw (US), and Stelarc

We have heard from a number of new subscribers this month and are hoping
that those of you who are following the discussion will feel free to make
a post this week. For those of you interested in taking a look at the
entire archived empyre site go to
<https://lists.cofa.unsw.edu.au/pipermail/empyre>. You can arrange the
posts by date, author, thread or subject area.

Tim and I have just finished our semester and yesterday saw many of our
students graduate on an amazingly brilliant sunny day at Cornell.  We were
struck at how successfully a huge institution could choreograph  thousands
of people for three days of celebration and merriment.  And now we can
settle into doing some choreographing ourselves for a productive summer.
Wishing all of you a restful and productive summer on this side of the
hemisphere and a good start to Winter Semester on the other side.

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