[-empyre-] Sarah Drury and the politics of motion

Timothy Murray tcm1 at cornell.edu
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>Thanks so much for your fascinating series of posts, Sarah.  I'm 
>sorry that we seem to have had a server glitch in Sydney on Monday. 
>I don't know what happened to Hana's post, but I'm glad you 
>forwarded it to the list.

As you know, I've long been fascinated by your experimentation with 
combinations of motion, sound, and critical motion.   Most 
fascinating to me have been your linkages of narrative with 
disjunctive gesture and image production.   I've been particularly 
interested in how your earlier pieces with sound disturbed cinematic 
conventions of synchronization, which have a long history of 
sustaining highly gendered commonplaces in film, from the active male 
speaker (think of Mulvey) to the authoritative male voice of 
documentary.   Your performance driven interactions with voice deeply 
inscribe motion practice within a complex critical framework, which, 
as you suggest, has important political implications.

It's very interesting, given this month's continual return to Deleuze 
(not something that Renate and I necessarily anticipated in 
structuring the month), is your turn to Elizabeth Grosz's fascinating 
writing on the politics of body.   I guess it's not at all surprising 
that these texts would inform TheWalking Project, which makes a 
significant contribution to critical motion practice by aligning it 
with the imperative of disabilities studies and practice.

Thanks so much for carrying the weight of the discussion the past 
couple of days.  Hopefully everyone on the list will now have caught 
their breath to enter into dialogue with your provocative work.



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