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Renate Ferro rtf9 at cornell.edu
Wed Nov 4 06:49:52 EST 2009

Dear empyre subscribers, Many thanks again to Anna Munster and her guests
for the October discussion of Networked_art. As I was re-reading the posts
again yesterday, I was struck by the fact that our discussion this month
resonates. The process of networking via the internet has a vast range of
positive and negative affects and outcomes. As practitioners, theorists,
programmers, and educators we will take the opportunity this month to pause
and reflect critically on the omnipresence of the concept of viral economies
within the network and the act of networking on the internet and its affect
on culture. While I remain here in Upstate New York, Tim is en-route to
Taipei via a brief over-night stop on the West Coast. Both of us will be
your hosts this week as bookends one East and one West. We are hoping that
all of you in-between will join in. An introduction of our topic and guests'
biographies is coming soon. Stay tuned. Renate
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