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Sun Nov 8 12:35:07 EST 2009

Hola a todos,

This is the second time I link to this project on Empyre and I feel a little
self-conscious about doing so.. Nonetheless it seems relatively on topic. 

The idea is simple, replace street advertisements with art using hand-held
devices (like smart phones) and computer vision technology as a substitution
platform. Artist's pick a campaign they want to exhibit 'on' and wherever my
software 'sees' that advert, their 'artvert' appears instead when viewed through
the handheld device.

One can exhibit on Helmut Lang, Burger King, Apple or Yves Saint Laurent, for

I call this 'Product Replacement'.


Video documentation can be recorded on the device and uploaded as (tourist)
footage to YouTube etc whenever an open access point is available, a
reimagination of a city where art is in place of adverts.

Product Placement in film can also be exploited: a film found on a peer to peer
network can be fed to my software, adverts detected and used as a 'surface' for
the presentation of art; here third-party digital video is treated as exhibition
space. The altered video is then rendered out frame by frame and re-seeded as a
torrent file for redistribution using the same network. 

The project has been invited as guest of the upcoming Transmediale 10, Berlin.

Myself and collaborators Clara Boj and Diego Diaz will be working with local
artists in the use of our system. The result will be in the form of an 'art
walk' for local audiences where their artverts will be viewed on select
(gigantic) billboards in the city.

Here's a great project with similar intention, in the form of a Firefox plugin:



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