[-empyre-] from libidinal economies to viral economies

Timothy Conway Murray tcm1 at cornell.edu
Tue Nov 10 01:54:52 EST 2009

Hi, everyone,

I'm about to return to New York after a week in Taiwan where I was
catching up with new media colleagues, seeing the Asia Art Bienniale and
the new media bienniale at the Tapei Museum of Contemporart Art.  Today I
was meeting with the director of animation and gaming at Tapei's leading
design school who was showing me some very creative animation work
authored by their students.  I couldn't help but think about our theme
this month when he mentioned that a lot of his former students had been
very active in the contemporary art world  following graduation but that
today's students are heading toward industrial design and advertising. 
When I asked him about his response to this, he replied enthusiastically
that this is the direction in which the design world is heading.  Looks
like the timing is perfect for -empyre- to be reflecting on institutional
moves away from artistic expression and libidinal economies toward the
broad world of viral economies.  This well could explain the rather
apolitical and asocial content of the very smooth design projects that
dominate the Asia Art Biennale.  Seems like we could use a good dose of
the Critical Art Ensemble and the Yes Men these days!

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