[-empyre-] Nick Waterlow's death

Timothy Conway Murray tcm1 at cornell.edu
Tue Nov 10 16:54:03 EST 2009

Dear Members of the -empyre- community,

I am forwarding this fibreculture announcement from Melinda Rackham  of
the shocking death of Nick Waterlow, Curator of the Ivan Dougherty Gallery
at the University of New South Wales College of Fine Arts, which hosts our
server.   I'm sure you all join me in wishing Melinda and her Australian
colleagues our very best.


We were shocked this morning to here of the tragic death of Nick

Nick Waterlow director of Sydney's third Biennale and curator of the
Ivan Dougherty Gallery was murdered last night. Nick and his daughter
were found dead of multiple stab wounds, and his 2½-year-old grand
daughter remains in a serious condition at Sydney Children's Hospital.
Nick was an inspiration to many and mentored at least two generations
of Australian artists and art administrators.

Professor Ian Howard, Dean of the University of NSW’s College of Fine
Arts, said the college was shocked and devastated at the news of Mr
Waterlow’s death.

‘‘It is beyond belief and beyond reason that such a person of high
standing, of such respect, could meet this tragic end.’’

Speaking outside the college’s Ivan Dougherty Gallery in Darlinghurst,
Professor Howard said Mr Waterlow was great mentor to students and had
played a major role in three Sydney Biennales.

‘‘So this has international ramifications in terms of the loss of this
great mind, this great curator.’’

The Dougherty Gallery remained closed. A note placed on it’s entrance
said it would remain closed until further notice.

Professor Howard, who had known Mr Waterlow for about 30 years, said
the curator was a great friend.

His voice faltering, he described how only a couple of nights ago at a
Bacchus ball ‘‘Nick was there in full swing as a 68-year-old acting
like an 18-year-old back in the ‘60s. He was a great personality, a
great friend, and a great family person.’’




Melinda Rackham
melinda at subtle.net

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