[-empyre-] more on the grid or the folds of hactivism

Greg Ulmer glue at ufl.edu
Wed Nov 18 05:34:04 EST 2009

Timothy Murray wrote:
> I've often thought of the distinctions between gridding and
> un-gridding or what's been called this week subjection (existence in
> the grid of sovereignty) and non-existence  as running parallel to
> the contrasting technologies of perspective and the fold.  As I've
> mentioned before on the list, in my recent book, Digital Book, I
> reflect on the paradox of the digital condition that relies on the
> hegemony of the grid (via its nefarious legacy, from the politics of
> single-point perspective to the modernist numbings of the grid, to
> the surveillances of GPS and RFID) and the possibility that inherent
> to this same system is the alternative "traumatophilia" of the fold,
> anamorphosis, the in-between, the wired that permits for the kind of
> performative subversion recommended by Zach and Ricardo.

  I have seen references to "matrix" or "matrices" as a figure that 
superannuates "grid."  Is that relevant to this discussion, and if so, 
what connotations and associations make "matrix" a better "regulative 
idea" than "grid" (if it is)?  (Perhaps this point was already raised in 
the substantial postings to date; apologies if so).

Greg Ulmer

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