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Hola Zach and all,

Hola all,

I really enjoyed your face/off (ala John Woo) towards interfacing(s) with
the amor of existence-as-visibilities. For EDT one important gesture
towards "re-facializes for the ethical responsibilities" to route around
imposed invisibility by to the sovereign (as world framed-out) was the use
of the balaclava by the Zapatistas - where it becomes a sign of a new
re-facialization of those who are not seen to become a serial sign of the
all too seen as the faceless become the face of the

Another layer that is at play with the face/off between
become more than the visible is the question of "minor simulation." From
Deathwatch to Pri soner of Love, Jean Genet wanted to bring forth what the
vision machine does not want to see within its need to see everything: the
blind spot that produces systemic reverse hal lucinations. If a hall
ucination is seeing what is not there, then a reverse hall ucination i s
not seeing what is there; the primary disturbance of Dolores is connecting
the li fe of those who build the computers un-seen/overseen to those users
who ever yday stare at their screens and turn away from the dirty state of
this supposedly clean technol ogy. Genet wanted to create spaces for
traumatic myths that could manifest spontaneous simul ations that would
haunt post-spectacle power. To haunt the simulacrum of the visual economy
simulations of the smal l unseen gestures bei ng made by those who are
tant, by those who are unseen: that can suddenl y buil d-up an empathetic
beyond the screen.

These minor simulations woul d then become real myths that would al low oth-
ers to imagi ne and invent another worl d that does not suffer from this
bl indness to
the real. What the Internet adds to thi s is the possibility for a speed
of production and distri bution that was not as available before. An
actor/audience network can quickly develop a dialogue, a design, a meme,
and an outcome that can build small waves of visibility that
grow. Simulations of the unseen should focus on those tricky passages
where the spectacle/si mulacra networks come to transg ress their own
limits. The perfor mance is
thus a simul ation of what has not been seen in the real —and it becomes
the truth of the event. It becomes an enabling action. A simulation that
hits the ground mobilizing networks for those who have been excluded.
Genet was attempting to develop an ethics for the politics of simulation
by affirming the possibilities of the false for fragile voices and the
potential of the subaltern communities.

P.S. Here is some viral responses from the Transborder Immigrant Tool this

Phone apps for illegal immigrants - From Foreign Policy:

Tue, 11/17/2009 - 7:45am
 I can only guess what Bill O'Reilly has to say about this. Probably,
something along the lines of "Ban all phones!"

Illegal Immigration: There's an App for That
Written by Jolie O'Dell / November 16, 2009 6:00 PM

You're the best in terms of what kind of content will broaden the RWW
reader base. Usually tech-geek websites are so insular. They mostly are
about tech-geeks drinking each others Kool-Aid. So, as always, thanks for
not drinking as much Kool-Aid as the rest of 'em.

You make this site more real, more diverse and more sophisticated! But in
this case, I'd rather understand what you're talking about rather than
praise how good you are at what you do!


>> All the way from (iraq.centcom.mil)

A new comment on the post #2 "About This Project" is waiting for your
approval http://bang.calit2.net/xborderblog/?page_id=2

Author : The Eagle (IP: , host141-100.iraq.centcom.mil)
E-mail : pcomey at gmail.com
URL    :
Whois  : http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl?queryinput=
It's disgusting that a group such as this exists to circumvent U.S.
law. Perhaps an investigation should be initiated to determine if they
can be charged with Conspiracy/Aiding and Abetting the Illegal Entry
of Aliens (18 USC 2/8 USC 1325).

> Re-facialized Existence as Responsibility
> 	What of nonexistence? The term confuses in its divergence: to
> not-exist (absence) or to nonexist (fullness of existence). Yet, is
> there not a more pressing concern with the term “nonexistence”? As it
> suggests, if nonexistence is absence to  , then existence
> must be visibility to the sovereign. Therefore, must a person be in a
> previous state of existence to perform nonexistence? If at birth we
> are locked within the sovereignties of discourse, one cannot start at
> nonexistence. Thus, what of those who reside in the limbo of excluded
> existence? Can they ever nonexist?

> 	The initial question has broken down, escaped itself, and
> re-facializes for the ethical responsibilities of the present. Not:
> “Future avant-garde practices will be those of nonexistence.” But:
> Present political practices must exist fully to design facialities
> that unite in a love that can offer escapings from sovereignty.
> hope this aids productively to the conversation.
> zach
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