[-empyre-] Demand Nothing, Occupy Everything?

marc sparkle at c-level.cc
Thu Nov 19 19:52:29 EST 2009

Its curious, the organizing of the UC strikes.
There seem to be about 50 websites, several layers of organization who
do not seem coordinated, and a strike call that (I might just be  
was made without consultation with many people that now has shown to
be at least nominally affective in getting us to strike.

Talk about viral, I don't even think it has much to do with media for  
us or our
students. Its more about an idea that makes sense, in a last ditch  
throw spaghetti
on the wall and see what sticks kind of way. I do not mean that as  
dismissive in the very

Demand Nothing, Occupy Everything. Occupy all the spaces of potential  

I 'm not think our students watch corporate media. They are online and  
in classrooms.
They've heard about it from some bits on facebook and more  
"traditional" forms like talking
to peers and teachers.

Cara Baldwin mentioned that, in this traditional manner, Foucalt comes  
in to play big time here.
Its clear to us that if all the students signed the damed petitions  
going around, it'd be pretty difficult
for power to so blithely ignore opinion. And though surrounded on  
campus by universal agreement
that the whole situation is just bad, they don't sign up. Its their  
internal cop.

Insurrection. What about that.


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> just appreciating you micha. thank you for this.
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>> Are the UC strikes and occupations viral?
>> http://theimaginarycommittee.wordpress.com/
>> http://ucstrike.com/
>> http://www.facebook.com/?q=#/group.php?gid=127873822709&ref=ts
>> http://savingucsd.ning.com
>> http://savingucla.ning.com/
>> http://www.newuniversity.org/2009/11/opinion/regents%E2%80%99-meeting-a-historic-opportunity/
>> http://ucop.cc
>> Or are they an example of the way that viral media still relies on
>> corporate media to get very large numbers?
>> At UCSD, very few students, faculty and staff that I've talked to  
>> knew
>> about or support the strike do. Myself and a handful of other  
>> faculty,
>> staff and students are striking, but is the very idea of a strike not
>> viral but more based in monolothic constituencies and factory models
>> of labor? Perhaps the spreading occupations are more viral? I wonder
>> about this as I start going on strike tomorrow and join actions at
>> UCSD...
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