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I think its curious how all of these websites, like the Tarnac 9, the
invisible committee calling for uc occupations and the necrosocial all
have the same wordpress theme...

2009/11/20 nicholas knouf <nak44 at cornell.edu>:
> And on this point, a text by a group at Berkeley on "The Necrosocial":
> http://anticapitalprojects.wordpress.com/2009/11/19/the-necrosocial/
> Their interrogation of the role of high theory, capital, and the
> University qua Institution is extremely cogent at this moment.
> nick
> Marco Deseriis wrote:
>> Hi Micha,
>> yes, thank you for sharing those precious links.
>>> At UCSD, very few students, faculty and staff that I've talked to knew
>>> about or support the strike do. Myself and a handful of other faculty,
>>> staff and students are striking, but is the very idea of a strike not
>>> viral but more based in monolothic constituencies and factory models
>>> of labor?
>> No, I just think that after 3-4 decades of resting on dreams of unabated
>> growth Americans (and Californians in particular) need to be re-educated
>> and reawakened as to what it means to lose one's job, as to what it
>> means to fight for it, and what it means to risk of losing your job for
>> defending it. So thank you for taking on this rather humongous task ;-)
>> To me it is not a matter of virality but of culture. People in Latin
>> America, Asia, Europe and all over the world keep going on strike for
>> defending their jobs, demanding higher wages, security on the workplace,
>> etc. It is only in this country that three decades of brainwashing have
>> led to the obliteration of historic memory (the cancellation of May1st
>> being the most notable example), and to the perception that going on
>> strike is somehow out of fashion.
>> In actual fact, there exists a growing global movement to defend public
>> education, and to build an entirely different model of knowledge
>> sharing. You are probably familiar with this site:
>> http://www.edu-factory.org
>> which reports the news of 15 arrests at UCLA:
>> http://www.edu-factory.org/edu15/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=240:students-arrested-at-ucla&catid=34:struggles&Itemid=53
>> and whose picture eloquently show the response of public authorities to
>> this growing mobilization.
>>> Perhaps the spreading occupations are more viral? I wonder
>>> about this as I start going on strike tomorrow and join actions at
>>> UCSD...
>> Well, it is not up to me to say that strikes and occupations are just
>> two sides of the same coin.
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