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Ricardo Dominguez rrdominguez at ucsd.edu
Mon Nov 23 00:02:35 EST 2009

Hola all once again,

We the Chicana Coyotek Gangs (CCG) - we are trying this version out today.

What is your vote on this new name"

Speaking of votes.

CCG would like you to SWARM the VOTE TODAY.

How can I do that you ask and what am I voting for?

Here is the scoop - a new news story has popped-up at the OCR:

November 20, 2009 9:26 AM
GPS tool will help immigrants cross border
The Orange County Register

Lots of angry folks clicking in and voting on the poll:

Transborder Immigrant Tool
Does this tool pose a threat to national security?
Yes 86 %
No 13 %
Not sure 2 %
Total Votes: 152

(Found on the bottom right of the page).

You - YES YOU! - can go by and click "NO" and make Chicana Coyotek Gangs
(CCG) even
richer than we are already are!

So go now and do not hesitate. CLICK=ACTION!

Abrazos grandes,

P.S. Recent review by David Ronfeldt from the RAND about the Transborder
Immigrant Tool:

"fascinating. what an innovative twist."


David Ronfeldt
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people think and act; finish "TIMN" framework about social evolution
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