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  Booby traps abound in making this answer..   But here goes:

For us  network  has the solidity of the noun it is . As in a network  
of computers, it  is a system that implies structure.

While networked (adjective, a modifier) implies something  that is  
open and  changing.  As in a networked environment, it  conjures flow,  
change,  relationality

But we're interested in your post. Write on, please.

-- Helen

On Oct 3, 2009, at 6:38 PM, Anna Munster wrote:

> I think you are right in saying:
> <There have been several books published that try to present the  
> field but invariably wind up being a list of the authors friends and  
> acquaintances.>
> but that's also true of most anthologies and that is due to the  
> nature of book publishing which is long, arduous and relies – on the  
> part of the editors of the anthology – a lot of voluntary labour,  
> cajoling and wheedling our of people. Who else to do this to that  
> one's friends!!
> But that also raises the question about how to publish in a  
> networked age. It's clearly not the end of the book - statistically  
> people read more books now than they ever did. But I do think we may  
> have come to an impasse with the printed book publishing model for  
> critical and reflective work, that is, outside a niche market. I'm  
> all for niche markets (and for printed books as well) but as an  
> author I find it increasingly frustrating to print when it can take  
> anything up to 5 years to get a chapter to the public (anthologies  
> take the longest time) and about 3 years to get a book out. In part,  
> that's why Networked appealed to me - it had a fast turn around time  
> for a compilation and the idea of adding chapters on the go is also  
> very interesting.
> As for your other question
> < There is however a question of what the word networked means?>
> I could write a book/post on that! But maybe I'll leave that to some  
> others first. Jo and Helen, esp. in terms of your deep c'tment to  
> 'networked performance', what would you say the main differences are  
> between 'network' and 'networked'? In other words, why choose to  
> call the project 'Networked'? I'll ask Eduardo the same question  
> when I introduce him next time round.
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