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Subject: [-empyre-] immerging the audience into networked_art with wj-spot


I would like to take the opportunity of this discussion about networked
art to tell you about a project that was conceived of and designed by
media curator Anne Roquigny : WJ-SPOTS in which artists, critics,
thinkers, inventors, researchers, curators, organizers and producers of
cultural events are invited to look back on 15 years of Internet history.

Here, the paper publication works as the result of an event but one of
the most interesting point is the way conferences and projects were
shown to the audience.

The interviews were conducted inside the WJ-S multi-screen environment
<www.wj-s.org>, transformed for the occasion into a space for thought
and investigation. Online browsing of a selection of emblematic
websites, chosen by the speakers, take place simultaneously on 3 big

Real time surfing was like a magnified and augmented thought
presentation, offering multiple of points of view while the participants
answer a series of 5 questions. The first WJ-SPOTS took place in Paris,
on May 27th & 28th, 2009, from noon to midnight and was a two-day
opportunity to discover approximately 40 figures of the French Internet
community and the online content (texts, sound, video, animations...)
browsed and downloaded in real time by Anne Laforet and myself, from the
gigantic hard drive that is the web.

So, the audience was immerged in our online creation surf and
conferences were becoming performances in which the audience was part.

The participants commented and analyzed, from an artistic perspective,
how the Internet has been progressively taken over as a space of
artistic creation, from its beginning until now: online creation,
software art, code art, ascii art, flash art, google art, generative
art, interactive art, collaborative art, tactical media, locative media,
telematic art, network performances, etc.

With : Aliette G Certhoux, Agnès de Cayeux, Anne Laforet, Anne-Marie
Morice, Annick Rivoire, Annie Abrahams, Antoine Schmitt, Bruno Alacoque
aka weweje aka s.u.n aka datatank, Albertine Meunier, Christophe Bruno,
Collectif MU, Cyril Thomas, David Guez, David-Olivier Lartigaud, Douglas
Edric Stanley, Elisabeth Klimoff, Emmanuel Vergès, Eléonore Hellio,
Etienne Cliquet, Fred Forest, Grégoire Courtois aka Troudair, Gregory
Chatonsky, Isabelle Arvers, Ivan Chabanaud, Jacques Perconte, Jérôme
Joy, Jocelyne Quelo, Joëlle Bitton, Julie Morel, Lucille Calmel,
Mabuseki, Margherita Balzerani, Martine Neddam aka Mouchette, Michaël
Borras aka Systaime, Nathalie Magnan, Nicolas Frespech, Nicolas Maigret,
Olga Kisseleva, Olivier Auber, Olivier Forest, Peter Sinclair, RYBN,
Thierry Théolier aka ThTh, Xavier Faltot.

WJ-SPOTS makes it possible to see the live retransmission of the event
on the Internet on the Selfworld site: <www.selfworld.net >, each of the
interviews available via video on demand, on the server of Digitalarti:
<www.digitalarti.com>, access to the artists' bookmarks:
<www.digitalarti.com>, a collection of bilingual (French and English)
special editions, produced and published by the magazine MCD.

This project is going to be presented in other countries soon to focus
on each country online creation story...


Isabelle Arvers
Curator and WJ-S performer

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