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Hi Patrick,

With regard to print. As soon as we announced Networked, Adam Hyde  
contacted me to suggest we use FLOSS Manuals; it lets anyone read,  
write, remix articles or textbooks on any open source application ...  
http://en.flossmanuals.net/. Initially, I thought it was something we  
would go to when it was time to print a version of Networked; now I  
wonder what might have happened if we had used the platform from the  

Warm Regards,

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> The print version is a big maybe. I don't see any reason to print  
> the texts as they are. On the other hand, if people take the time  
> to argue with and add to the original texts, the possibility of  
> printing a version 2.0 and, later, a version 3.0 would be worthwhile.
> *************************************
> There is a metaphor that was handed down to me by a mentor in the  
> 1990's - that while history/discourse is in motion, it is like  
> throwing half-congealed gelatine on the wall.  One may drive nails  
> in the wall to try to secure the gelatine, but to no avail.  What  
> you have, however, is an epistemic arc (the trail), and the nails  
> (the records/events), all of which give shape to a historiographic  
> discourse.   I look forward to where it all goes, and heartily  
> invite that interaction.  However, I'll go on record with a desire  
> to go to print someday, if only that ink, cellulose and Carbon-14  
> are pretty safe bets.

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