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Kazys, I'd like to move now to some more engagement with your actual chapter contribution: 'The Immediated Now: Network Culture and the Poetics of Reality' (http://varnelis.networkedbook.org/the-immediated-now-network-culture-and-the-poetics-of-reality/)

In this chapter you marks a distinction between earlier network art (Bunting, Shuglin, odi.org et al) and the 'web 1.0' period  during which there was a  preoccupation with the medium of t e net itself among many artists (using the properties of html code  etc) and today's networked culture in which everything is networked or rather the network is dispersed diffusely throughout all aspects of culture. Your position (sorry to simplify!) is that the reality of a networked world becomes a preoccupation itself, in fact a kind of   preoccupation with the 'reality' of media. In turn, this leads to a set of cultural/artistic tactical manoeuvres:

"On the contrary, the fascination with the real in “reality” media, be it reality TV, amateur-generated content, or professional “art” is constructed around specific tactics: self-exposure, information visualization, the documentarian turn, remix, and participation."

However, I 'd also point to the 'big' statement by net artists of the '90s encapsulated by jodi's comment: 'Net artists live on the net'.( that's a paraphrase btw). So, I'd contend that in fact this preoccupation with the 'real' of networking actually begins with these earlier artists and that it might be something of a false (although currently fashionable) position to institute too much of a break  at least in terms of aesthetics  between earlier and contemporary network cultures.

Just wondering what your response to this might be...


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