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Hi Patrick, Thanks for a very thoughtful reply. One issue that I  
wanted to raise in relation to the Barthes text I quoted was not so  
much about whether he should be there genealogically or not but rather  
what we might have forgotten about him. So, in the below quote what I  
think is also important but tends to get overlooked when we make him  
the precedent for the open 'e-text' (in the prosumer context at any  
rate), is the sense of temporality embedded in his ideas.
> 'the goal of literary work (of literature as a work) is to make the  
> reader no longer a consumer but a producer of the text' S/Z, 1994p.4)

For me, in Barthes, the text is open because it is open to a futurity  
of readership as well, to possible ongoing but future-dated productive  
readings as well. There is not so much a collapse of author-audience  
functions as a displacement at work. Whereas, as Kazys has also  
written about in his chapter, the networked author/producer/reader/ 
consumer network can very much be about collapsing this deferred-to- 
the-future of reading-writing in a frenzy of immediacy/nowness. That's  
an over-generalisation of course and there are many careful and  
beautiful instances of networked writing-reading that re-insert  
deferrals and lags...but I get a bit tetchy when Barthes gets lined up  
with the 'open work' when the open work is now conceived in 'prosumer'  

I was wondering whether your use of 'vector', then might not just bear  
a sense of direction (which way the flow and for what reasons -  
access, permissions and what form etc) but also a temporal dimension?


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