[-empyre-] time, context, participation?

Anna Munster a.munster at unsw.edu.au
Fri Oct 23 14:59:41 EST 2009

Hi Johannes,
A challenging post! Helen is right is stating that comments on blogs lead to lots of spam etc but I myself wondered about the double-layer of permissions with posting comments to Networked ie, you have to become a member to post and comments are also moderated....I am wondering to what extent this makes participation more onerous for some people?
Helen or Jo is there are rationale for this design, I know you are both incredibly experienced with this stuff and so I imagine there is!

However, I do want to say something else, which I know will get pounced on as being somewhow elitist, however, I'm willing to get pounced on!

I am not convinced that participation in a project has to be easy or that ease=open. If we are talking about issues of time here then I think we do have take seriously the time of reading, which is actually rather slow. Furthermore why do theoretical propositions and texts have to be *accessible*? Does this make them necessarily better? Why is text always being asked to be accessible but it's alright to have difficult visuals and/or sound and that is experimental (ie a good thing)? 

pause..waiting for the pounce....

I actually like difficult ideas and I like the time it takes to get into them, reflect upon them and then respond. 

I am for more slowness in networked thought and something that slows things down and endures may enable its own time and space for new modes of participation


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