[-empyre-] final questions for Patrick and Jason: the visual and indexing networked information

Anna Munster a.munster at unsw.edu.au
Mon Oct 26 08:25:27 EST 2009

I'm about to bring our last lot of guests on board for October but before I do, I'd like to ask Patrick and Jason about the use of visualisation and its relation to information overload and writing/reading.

Patrick you touch on the need to index using some kind of visual system....
Jason, you use the example of Aaron Koblin's work, which has also delved into the visualisation realm (ie The Sheep Market) and which, for different reasons uses visual display to make its point.
In my article I am wary of what visualisation gives form to ie patterns of behaviour in a networked economy.

We are all aware of the  mot obvious forms of visual indexing of networked information eg tag clouds etc - to what extent do these reduce or enhance flows? And to what extent are they shaping a homogenising behaviour in networks (this has been referred to in Yvonne's posts as well)? 

Jason, I wonder if the dominance of visualisation of networks abscures more interesting potential sonifications?

Following from this, what role might artists take up (speaking of artists broadly here as online art/designers) in breaking up this homogeneity? Or put more concretely - which artists/designers/visual examples are doing this now?


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