[-empyre-] creating environmental conditions / creating teleological perspectives

Adrian Freed adrian at cnmat.berkeley.edu
Sat Apr 3 09:29:32 EST 2010

>reproduce themselves, suits well the change in the topology of
>manufacture under 'desktop factoring' conditions. The metaphor
>insinuates on the persistence of environmental (physical) restrictions
>for the widespread of the 3d-printing flora - the local availability
>of parts and prime matter, for example. So, sometimes it is also
>necessary to prepare the soil, and we might wonder who will take up
>this role. Thinking about the aims of the project, I get very curious
>about what kind of mutations the basic RepRap would have to go (if
>any) to be adapted for the developing world. Adrian, do you know of
>any RepRap build in one of those areas? If so, did it suffer any
>adaptation to local conditions? Do these adaptations generated
>feedback that informed or will inform future developments of the

A good link to judge the state of things is this:
Interesting note is the enthusiasm to build from recycled plastic waste
which is probably ubiquitous. The call for conductive printing on PCB's is going to be hard
to achieve.

The reprap vision is still just that. So little of the machine is made by itself
it is more analogous ecologically to the way koala bear cubs bootstrap: by eating their mothers pap.


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