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Hi all,

Damn I love the empyre list. Since I'm very much part of these actions
and under multiple investigations as well, I'm definitely going to try
to chime in here on the list. I've been thinking a lot recently about
how the Transborder Immigrant Tool is a form of queer technology and
trying to think about the trans in transborder, since I'm a trans
woman myself, and in some of our writing on the tool I've tried to
elaborate this question, but not exactly head on. You can read an
early paper we all co-wrote on the tool here:


from last year's Mobile HCI conference.

In that paper we also describe/propose a shift from tactical media to
tactical biopolitics, which may be relevant for this discussion as



2010/4/11 Timothy Murray <tcm1 at cornell.edu>:
>>This month's 3-week April discussion on -empyre-,  "Tactical Media,
>>Research, and the University," is moderated by Renate Ferro (US)
>>(www.renateferro.net) Visiting Assistant Professor of Art at Cornell
>>University, and Tim Murray (US) Curator of the Rose Goldsen Archive
>>of New Media Art and Director of the Society for the Humanities,
>>Cornell University.
> We are pleased to welcome a number of international friends this week
> who will kick off our discussion of Tactical Media in the wake of the
> investigation of Ricardo Dominguez at the University of California,
> San Diego.  Joining us this week will be Nick Knouf, Arthur Kroker,
> Geert Lovink, Horit Herman Peled, and Rita Raley.
> Nick Knouf (US) is a PhD student in Information Science at Cornell
> University in Ithaca,  New York.  His research explores the
> interstitial spaces between information science, critical theory,
> digital art, and science and technology studies.  Ongoing work
> includes MAICgregator; Fluid Nexus; robotic puppetry projects that
> engage with psycho-socio-political imaginaries; and sound works that
> encourage the expression of the unspeakable.
> Arthur Kroker (Canada)  is Director of the Pacific Centre for
> Technology and Culture  (PACTAC), Canada Research Chair in
> Technology, Culture and Theory at the University of Victoria, and,
> with Marilouise Kroker,  Editor of CTHEORY.   Kroker's many books
> include The Will to Technology and the Culture of Nihilism, Spasm:
> Virtual Reality, Android Music and Electric Flesh, The Possessed
> Individual: Technology and the French Postmodern, and, with
> Marilouise Kroker, Life in the Wires: the CTHEORY Reader, Digital
> Delirium, and Hacking the Future.
> Geert Lovink (Netherlands) is Director of the Institute of Network
> Cultures, Research Professor at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and
> Professor at University of Amsterdam.  He is the founder of Internet
> projects such as nettime and fibreculture and the author of numerous
> books, including Zero Comments: Blogging and Critical Internet
> Culture,
>  The Principle of Notworking, My First Recession: Critical Internet
> Culture in Transition; Uncanny Networks: Dialogues with the Virtual
> Intelligentsia, Dark Fiber: Tracking Critical Internet Culture, and
> with Trebor Scholz, The Art of Free Cooperation.
> Horit Herman Peled (Israel)  is an activist/new media artist in
> Israel.  She lives in Tel Aviv and teaches art theory and digital art
> at the Art Institute of Oranim College.  Her online projects and
> critical interventions (http://web.macam.ac.il/~horit_a/horit.htm)
> have been featured the Venice Biennale, CTHEORY Multimedia, Contact
> Zones: The Art of CD-Rom (Paris, Ithaca, Mexico City), as well as
> throughout Israel.
> Rita Raley is Director of the Literature.Culture.Media Center,
> Co-director of the Literature and Culture of Information
> specialization and Associate Professor of English at the University
> of California, Santa Barbara.   Her book, Tactical Media, appears in
> the Electronic Mediations series at the University of Minnesota
> Press, and she is working on Global English and the Academy and a
> project on "Reading Code."
> We are very pleased to open this important discussion of tactical
> media with such an exciting group of featured guests.  We look
> forward to a lively and spirited exchange on the list.
> Best,
> Renate and Tim
>>>>Renate Ferro and Tim Murray
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