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hey just to chime in about this stuff....

ive actually hardly used empyre since 2008 but noticed these postings and was curious!

i think christophers comments are interesting, while i dont agree with them. for one thing, hes certainly right that if anything its silly for anyone to expect anything other than intimidation. we should expect it, nothing less if several hundred years of colonization teaches us anything....im gonna try to not go though but ya know!

i think another thing that has been raised and ive seen this dialogue develop and get shot down for awhile now is the efficiency of tactical media as a whole....i dont think we need to use a capitalistic model of successes to speak about the work or critique it the way we would a painting by any means but it comes up for me.

especially as far as immigration is concerned....i think its arguable as to what is a successful tactic because its so huge.

in regards to what you posted nicholas, also interesting because definitely the way that business is conducted within these depts mentioned is going to stay this way. solutions? i havent a clue other than being more prepared and being fairly connected which it sounds like since pre november has been going on somewhat. 

anyways, thats it...just wanted to chime in.



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> christopher sullivan wrote:
> >       Tactical Media, does
> raise question for me in terms of how deeply ones
> > students should be involved in faculty work, political
> or otherwise. Don't know
> > where I stand, but it is often problematic to me. My
> best wishes for everyone
> > who is in legal danger from this situation. Chris.
> This cuts many ways, however.  In my program,
> Information Science,
> students are encouraged by their advisors to work for
> companies like
> Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, and others. 
> They're encouraged to
> work with datasets from these companies that require them
> to sign
> non-disclosure agreements.  They're encouraged to
> develop iPhone
> applications that they are then encouraged to develop into
> startups.
> And up the street, on the Engineering quad, students are
> encouraged to
> work on DARPA challenges, to work with professors involved
> in DoD
> cyber-security initiatives, to take all manner of Defense
> Department
> monies without question...it's just money, right?
> While I think Christopher raises an interesting point,
> which is what is
> the nature of the pedagogical relationship that would make
> the
> involvement of students consensual and not based on the
> pre-existing
> power relationship between professor and student (and
> understanding the
> fluidity of those distinctions), I think the coercive (in
> terms of
> personal and structural factors) elements within
> engineering culture in
> general are much more heinous.
> nick
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