[-empyre-] Fwd: Minor Simulations, Major Disturbances

gh hovagimyan ghh at thing.net
Fri Apr 16 21:06:19 EST 2010

Many campus radicals in the 60's & 70's came to the same conclusion.  
They realized that the only way to be a true revolutionary was to be  
a criminal or "outlaw." You get people who become bank robbers or  
drug dealers to fund their revolution.  The other call from the 60's  
& 70's was to work within the system to change the system. There is a  
3rd way especially in higher education and that is to start your own  
school. This means find a patron or a backer to fund a new type of  
tactical media school. This is what Joseph Beuys did in the 70's in  
Cologne. He opened up a free university.  Obviously you can't start  
with a "free university" because you all have to make a living.  But  
as a radical gesture especially within the new media computer science  
and communications world it could be one of the most radical  
movements of all.

On Apr 15, 2010, at 1:14 PM, Beatriz da Costa wrote:

> We can't simultaneously ride a career as "interventionist artists,"  
> claim a political edge and demand funding, space and support from  
> an institution like Calit2. It simply won't work, at least not in  
> the long run. Eventually, the support will either stop, or the  
> political "edge" won't be quite as edgy anymore

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