[-empyre-] Tactical Media, Research, and the University

Timothy Murray tcm1 at cornell.edu
Mon Apr 19 12:49:25 EST 2010

Hi, everyone.  If you've noticed that our vibrant conversation seemed 
to stop rather suddenly on Friday, I want to alert you that the 
-empyre- server seems to have suffered from problems throughout the 
weekend (it's located in Sydney at COFA).  It looks like things are 
back up and running, but I know that my poster from earlier today has 
yet to surface.  Hopefully, we have a lot of cued up mail that will 
appear in the next few hours as things get sorted out.

We'll wait to introduce this week's guests, Patricia Zimmermann, Mark 
Boehlen, Claudia Costa Pederson, and Sarah Cook until tomorrow in 
hopes that things will have settled down.



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