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2010/4/24 Claudia Costa Pederson <ccp9 at cornell.edu>:
> It can be argued that the transborder tool fits within the monastic
> tradition of hospitality and humanism, however. The tool as Micha explains
> is conceived in the service of the oppressed as a form of humanitarian
> aid. It challenges the Transcendentalism enmeshed with the American
> tradition of conflating technological and social progress. In the process
> it ends up revealing the contradictions of   research. The tool is
> designed on the processual principles of performance art, and poetic
> traditions connected with the act of walking.  How does it work?


I'm so glad to hear you're discussing the work with your students.
It's very interesting to hear your interpretation of it.

I'm not sure if that shows the contradictions of research or the
multi-valent and polyvocal nature of collaboration. It's interesting
that each of us in the group bring our own interests and desires to
the project and the simple gesture of a java based cell phone applet
that provides gps services with a cheap phone from ebay can bring to
light so many transversal lines of inquiry. Also, are you talking
about how I describe it in the video and the paper at the calit2
symposium on violence and technology? Because if so, that further
complicates the discussion as we all collaborated on writing that



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