[-empyre-] Welcome Kevin Hamilton, Carl DiSalvo, Yiannis Colakides and Beatriz de Costa.

Timothy Murray tcm1 at cornell.edu
Wed Apr 28 13:28:49 EST 2010

Hi, everyone,

We're looking forward to carrying forward in 
dialogue between our current guests and this 
week's guests, a couple of whom we've already 
heard from over the past couple of weeks.

To wrap things up this week with further thoughts 
on Tactical Media, we will be joined by Kevin 
Hamilton and Carl DiSalvo with further thoughts 
from Yiannis Colakides and Beatriz de Costa. 
Thanks to all for contributing your thoughts 
about Tactical Media, Research, and the 
University.  We will carry on this discussion 
through May 6.


Tim and Renate

Yiannis Colakides (Cyprus) is an architect, video 
maker, and peer reviewer at LABS and, with Helen 
Black, co-founder of NeMe (www.neme.org)

Beatriz da Costa (US) is an interdisciplinary 
artist who works at the intersection of 
contemporary art, science, engineering and 
politics. Her work takes the form of public 
participatory interventions, locative media, 
conceptual tool building and critical writing. 
Through her work da Costa examines the role of 
the artist as a political actor engaged in 
technoscientific discourses.  Issues addressed in 
previous work include the politics of transgenic 
organisms, and the social repercussions of 
ubiquitous surveillance technologies. Beatriz is 
Associate Professor of Studio Art, Electrical 
Engineering and Computer Science at the 
University of California Irvine and co-founder of 
Preemptive Media, an arts, activism and 
technology group, and a former collaborator of 
Critical Art Ensemble (2000-2005). She has 
exhibited internationally at venues such as the 
Andy Warhol Museum, the Centro Andaluz de Arte 
Contemporáneo, Sevilla (Spain), Zentrum fuer 
Kunst und Medien (Germany), Museum of 
Contemporary Art, (Serbia), Exit Art Gallery, 
Cornerhouse (UK), Saidye Bronfman Centre for the 
Arts (Montreal), and the Natural History Museum 
in London.  Together with Preemptive Media she 
received the Social Sculpture Commission from 
Eyebeam and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, 
as well as funding from Franklin Furnace, 
Turbulence, the Experimental Television Center 
and the Beall Center for Art and Technology.

Carl DiSalvo (US) is Assistant Professor of 
Digital Media in the School of Literature, 
Communication and Culture at the Georgia 
Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia and 
was a post-doctoral fellow at The Center for the 
Arts in Society and The Studio for Creative 
Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon from 2006-2007. He 
characterizes his work as "design inquiry" with 
an emphasis on understanding and describing the 
social and political uses of technology in 
cities. As part of this research, he designs 
technology platforms and participatory programs 
that engage and enable urban communities.  He is 
currently working on projects that examine 
information design as a social practice and the 
role of design in the construction of publics. 
Currently touring is "Smog is Democratic,"  a 
digital media installation produced in 
collaboration with Jonathan Lukens that explores 
particulate matter through the medium of 
visualization.  Carl also extensive professional 
design experience, most notably working at 
MetaDesign (2000-2001) and as a consultant to the 
Walker Arts Center's New Media Initiative 
(1997-2000). In 2006 I co-founded DeepLocal, a 
design and software company specializing in 
interactive mapping and location-based services.

Kevin Hamilton (US) is Associate Professor and 
Chair of New Media in the School of Art and 
Design at the University of Illinois. His work 
has included interactive artworks for gallery and 
public settings, a symposium series about 
walking, and scholarship on such subjects as art 
pedagogy, interface history, public monuments, 
creativity, and collaboration.  His artwork has 
been exhibited at SKOR in Den Haag, Spain's 
Cyberart and MADnet festivals, and the Rose 
Museum of Art at Brandeis University. In 2007 he 
recieved an Illinois Arts Council Award and 
co-received a grant from the National Science 
Foundation; Kevin was a recipient of an -empyre- 
scholarship for work at the Anderson Art Ranch in 
Colorado and also worked with Piotr Adamczyk in 
an invited residency at the Banff New Media 
Institute in Calgary.
Timothy Murray
Director, Society for the Humanities
Curator, The Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art, Cornell Library
Professor of Comparative Literature and English
A. D. White House
Cornell University
Ithaca, New York 14853

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