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Thanks Lev and Tom for your introductions to your work and the links.  I
wanted to ask Lev how he felt  the data in Cultural Analysis manipulation
differed from the concerns of  modernist, formalist art criticism where
line, value, texture, or color were analyzed? In what ways is the data
different and how does the computer manipulation enhance our understanding
of say Rothko's work using the first links example.

The other thing that popped into my mind was an observation I made a few
Sunday afternoons ago.  It is not uncommon that the sports networks are on
in our home especially during Super Bowl playoff season.  NFL Fox football
has a moving graphic animation of a he man football robot named Cleatus of
things that is cast off the frame of the playing screen.  Cleatus dances,
points to interesting items on the screen, and entertains sports
enthusiasts reminding me that cultural art theorists may need to
investigate contemporary typography and graphics but  sex, gender, race
and politics desperately needs to be remembered in deconstructing todays
popular culture and tv graphics...moving or stil!.

What do you think? Can post-modernist theoretical concerns be a part of
new design? This is a question that I've been wrestling with in light of
curriculum changes within the university where there is a resurgence of
interest in graphics, typography and animation.


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