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At eca we have a well established and regarded animation department, a
pretty typical model of a UK art school animation department. There are a
couple of antique computers in the studio¹s that the students can play about
with. Most animation is undertaken using stop motion, clay-mation and
drawing. Whereas once the material would have been recorded to film, frame
by frame, and after that to video, these days they record direct to
hard-drive and finish the work off in Final Cut Pro, editing rushes,
synching sound, etc. This latter stage of production is not regarded as
where the highest level skills are to be found. Walking around the animation
studio¹s it is clear that the key skill that is held higher than any other
is drawing. After that, it is motion and how that can be suggested in
individual drawings and in tweening. Characterisation is the sought after
outcome. But this is a certain type of animation, dominated by models found
on TV, in the cinema and more and more in computer games. There are other
models of animation (such as that practiced by Larry Cuba, for one).



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Dear Paul and Suzanne,

Can you both talk about how CG fits into your animation programs?  At
Cornell, Computer Graphics and 3D animation is taught by Computing
faculty.  It is in the art department where students, particularly
recently, have been creating stop action, frame by frame, roto-scoping,
drawing based and a medley of other fuzzies. Whether working  from
photography based or original drawing. their novel, quirky rendering
styles, interdisciplinary interests and criticality make their work fresh
and innovative.

How does it work in the UK?


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