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Renate Ferro rtf9 at cornell.edu
Sun Feb 14 13:01:59 EST 2010

Dear Nicholas,  We have received posts in regards to your link below that
I have not accepted.  In the past we have agreed that any post off topic
will be returned to the sender.  Please understand that because of the
flow of the monthly discussions and in fairness to the moderator that is
organizing posts such as the one below should not be sent.

You will note that on the first, after you had finished your month, Tim
and I sent out an all call for international moderators as well as a thank
you to Christine.

Many thanks.  Renate Ferro

> greetings all....a fine and 'animated' month at hand - I am following it
> with intrigue...please forgive the unrelated interjection mentioning eli
> broad - but I thought it was of interest to those following that aspect of
> complicity, regarding last month's -empyre - exchange, as his name did
> come up in an interesting entanglement:
> http://forums.e-democracy.org/groups/mpls/messages/post/6Ym6HJigCggcJ7KSo6ifit
> pax et lux
> Nick
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