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I'm hoping we can get  "Golan's piece" working shortly. I'll let you  
know.  --  Helen

On Feb 23, 2010, at 9:12 AM, Simon Biggs wrote:

> I saw the Decode show. I think it is a good case in point here.
> There were a small number of works that were conceptually and  
> contextually intriguing enough to demand more than a few seconds  
> contemplation. Sadly Golan Levin’s piece was broken so I don’t know  
> if that was one of them. I liked a mirror piece where you gradually  
> appeared the longer you were stationery – except I saw the same  
> thing done far better, with real visceral and disturbing impact, by  
> Romy Achituv in a show in Macau a decade ago. Lozzano-Hemmer’s  
> kissing wallpaper piece was of some interest but far from his best.  
> Casey Reas piece was a Reas piece - a well known one at that.
> I know the show was at the V&A and its remit extends to design and  
> the decorative arts as well as visual and other arts and crafts.  
> However, much of the work in the show did not rise above the  
> simplistically decorative. In the case of Lozzano-Hemmer he was  
> happy to present his work as wallpaper, which was at least honest.  
> What was disturbing was how many of the people presenting their work  
> in the show sought to inflate it to the status of art when most of  
> it was closer to ambient noodling, environmental design or, well,  
> wallpaper. It might look appealing in a club or foyer where people  
> will not pause to consider what the work might signify but to  
> present it as art was hubris. In those cases where the work was  
> clearly a design prototype, such as a text/data zoetrope piece,  
> things worked far better and evoked interest within the intended  
> framework.
> I have only seen Ikeda’s work in documentation and heard his music.  
> He would have fitted into the Decode show very well.
> Best
> Simon
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> Ikeda's work at the recent Decode exhibition..loved it (again), felt  
> like I
> was a the starship captain I've wanted to be since boyhood ;-)
> I think the data was actually starcharts but visualised in 3  
> separate forms.
> Not sure what the animation was actually for though (sequentially  
> selecting
> star proximity from a fixed point?)
> Surely though most visualisation is tweaked towards some form of  
> aesthetic
> quality either for clarity of purpose/readability or 'wowing' an  
> audience
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