[-empyre-] Three Little Words

John Haber jhaber at haberarts.com
Sat Jan 2 11:09:53 EST 2010

G H asked a lot of excellent questions, including what isn't clear to 
him. I guess you'll all just have to be patient on that score.  I can't 
promise that my approach will follow that line of questioning, we do 
have some overlap. Because of having to get out my little spiel in the 
next three days, I regret I can't respond further to criticism right now.

However, I'll say that I do use Jerry Saltz as an example -- but not for 
his skepticism.  This is the guy who thanked William Powhida in print 
for opening his eyes as regards the New Museum and, G. H. notes, who 
hopes that money will go to others than Koons. He's also the guy who's 
praised everything about the New Museum, ever, and ended the year by 
calling Koons's Puppy the artwork of the decade.

Sorry to vent about Jerry, whose enthusiasm for contemporary art I 
respect, along with and personal integrity and grace. Otherwise, 
however, again with apologies, I may not enter a debate till I'm done. 
But may I also add something else I've written before as regards the 
hope that the recession will benefit the deserving many rather than the 
overpriced few?  "One can always hope that the shakeout will bring some 
sanity and a fresh concern for artists, but do not count on it. As on 
Wall Street, the big players take their losses and get back in the game."

All for now,

John Haber

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