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what is at stake ? I'm lost !

(but happy new year ...)


2010/1/2 John Haber <jhaber at haberarts.com>:
> G H asked a lot of excellent questions, including what isn't clear to
> him. I guess you'll all just have to be patient on that score.  I can't
> promise that my approach will follow that line of questioning, we do
> have some overlap. Because of having to get out my little spiel in the
> next three days, I regret I can't respond further to criticism right now.
> However, I'll say that I do use Jerry Saltz as an example -- but not for
> his skepticism.  This is the guy who thanked William Powhida in print
> for opening his eyes as regards the New Museum and, G. H. notes, who
> hopes that money will go to others than Koons. He's also the guy who's
> praised everything about the New Museum, ever, and ended the year by
> calling Koons's Puppy the artwork of the decade.
> Sorry to vent about Jerry, whose enthusiasm for contemporary art I
> respect, along with and personal integrity and grace. Otherwise,
> however, again with apologies, I may not enter a debate till I'm done.
> But may I also add something else I've written before as regards the
> hope that the recession will benefit the deserving many rather than the
> overpriced few?  "One can always hope that the shakeout will bring some
> sanity and a fresh concern for artists, but do not count on it. As on
> Wall Street, the big players take their losses and get back in the game."
> All for now,
> John Haber
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