[-empyre-] empyre Digest, Vol 62, Issue 7

John Haber jhaber at haberarts.com
Fri Jan 8 00:29:42 EST 2010

I really liked Christina's dual perspective as artist and teacher, as 
well as the simple list of key points that we ought to take seriously.  
"What power do we  WANT artists to have?"  That helps move things away, 
I'm sure, from too great suspicion of the arts, since who wouldn't want 
artists to have more power?  Indeed, one can argue that when art sucks 
up, like lesser Neo- classicism under Napoleon, it is only more easily 
ignored and forgotten.  Of course, that doesn't make more intricate, not 
entirely intended, complicity less challenging and troubling, but at 
least it offers some perspective before I get self-righteous.

John Haber

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