[-empyre-] some thoughts on complicity

Johanna Drucker drucker at gseis.ucla.edu
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I just don't want anyone to be excused from it.... I mean, it's like  
not an opt-out category....

On Jan 8, 2010, at 11:38 AM, Gerry Coulter wrote:

> Given the current state of the globalizing system of promotion --  
> no, I dont think complicit can be thought of without carrying a  
> perjorative connotation. It is precisley the perjorative connations  
> enveloping complicity that have made this discussion so interesting  
> so far ... especially inasmuch as they have been avoided
> you wish to avoid binaries but speak of original sin?
> hmmmmm
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> I wonder if it is possible to keep complicit from carrying a
> pejorative connotation? I meant for it to be a description, not a
> judgment, that exposes the inevitable condition of participation in
> cultural conditions as the place from which we each think, work,
> write, live. I'm not a religious person, but in a way, this is
> equivalent to acknowledging a form of original sin in cultural terms
> -- that we are all always part of the conditions we survey. Does that
> make sense? I'm trying to avoid binarisms that might spring up by
> putting complicit on one side of a value judgement, that's all.
> Johanna
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