[-empyre-] a genealogy of disappearance?

Nicholas Ruiz III editor at intertheory.org
Sun Jan 10 03:33:13 EST 2010

We've spent some time discussing an assumed complicity with the world and its events, art, politics and thought. We acknowledge our position as an assumption, however well evinced and founded. Might we take another tack?

Perhaps it is too late for complicity. What if, by now, when complicity rises to the level of consciousness - complicity is already over. What then? And what is our status? Baudrillard:

"Reality exists through language; then, within the shadow of language, it quietly ceases to exist. Doubtless its the same with the very recent concept of globalization, which has itself gone global. Mightn't this sudden spread of the concept mean that globalization is, to all intents and purposes, over and that we're moving on to something else now?" (Noailles and Baudrillard, 108)

Virality, has gone viral - it is over? Descartes acknowledged the cogito - it is over? Christ acknowledges the power of love - and it is over? Our complicity is acknowledged - so what is its fate?

Or are there further steps required in the processes of resolution, or dialecticism? 


 Nicholas Ruiz III, Ph.D
NRIII for Congress 2010
Editor, Kritikos

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