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Christina Spiesel christina.spiesel at yale.edu
Wed Jan 13 01:45:17 EST 2010

Dear All,

I have more extensive reflections to contribute but cannot write them up 
right now. I am pasting in an advert that just appeared in my in-box 
from Berg Publishers for a book by Virilio:

*Art as Far as the Eye Can See*

Paul Virilio

Paul Virilio puts art back where it matters - at the centre of politics. 
Art used to be an engagement between artist and materials. But in our 
new media world art has changed, its very materials have changed and 
have become technologized. Where art used to talk of the aesthetics of 
disappearance, it must now confront the disappearance of the aesthetic.

Is there no art but media art? Does the aesthetic disappear with 
technology? Is it art that did the talking or was it critics/theorists? 
In whose interest is it to declare that it's all tech?  Ummm


David Chirot wrote:
> Thinking more on the question of art being tasked--or not--with being 
> a moral conscience--for anyone--
> Yeats wrote that out of the quarrel with others, one makes politics; 
> out of the quarrel with oneself, poetry.

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