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Thanks for asking. The bootlegging gets explained on HTMLGiant

In summary: (1) In one case the current publisher of a new book of
stories had been unable to provide copies to stores or for readings.
This was a large "independent" publisher that had organized the
readings, sent publicity out, and helped to get the book reviewed. The
author, who I'd published before, asked if we would publish copies for
her readings and stores or readers that wanted the book. We contacted
the other press, explained our service, and designed our own edition.
They are preoccupied with bigger problems and have neither helped nor
hindered our efforts. Our edition is effectively the only one
available to readers. (2) In a second case, an author I admire asked
his small Canadian publisher if we could make an edition so that US
readers would have an easier time getting the book. They agreed. (3)
In a third case we are printing an edition of an out-of-print art
catalog that is difficult to find. There is no copyright information
on it. We give credit to its originators but have not arranged for
permissions. (4) We make one-off copies of hard-to-find books using
PDF files, where available. (5) We are working with a well-known
author and the publisher who holds her contract to make a book that is
published, from the outset, under non-exclusive rights. All of these
activities are aimed at placing the relationship of writer and reader
foremost and modeling publication and rights arrangements that can
best support that.

As for book design, also check HTMLGiant. And yes, our design is
deliberate. Our books are sturdy, modest, durable, and adaptable.
Machines for reading. We are not book arts people, in any way, just
totally convinced the book is a great technology. We aim for design
that is frank about our purpose and means.
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