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>     In my capacity as a series editor, I read a lot of manuscripts, and
> among the younger hipper scholars, I see a clear tendency to move toward a
> Web kind of writing, even if the final product is meant to be a print
> book--texts that lend themselves to skimming, that have much shorter blocks
> of prose and argumentation, that can be perused in an hour or so and put
> down without feeling that you have missed too much.   I also see a lot of
> book manuscripts where the main argument appears in the first chapter, with
> subsequent chapters merely setting out variations on a single theme; these
> too can be skimmed quickly, perhaps reading only 10-20 pages with care, and
> getting the gist out of the rest.

How long will it be before academic blogs will be considered as publishing
(enough to meet tenure requirements)? Some new generation academics, for
example, reap benefits of having a (solid) blog
(recognition/networking/presentation opportunities, etc). The reason I am
asking this relates also a bit to the ”What communication demands what
technology” question - as I would like to ask: what communicative/cognitive
tasks will be required of/expected/prevail in the daily/academic life as
such cognitive changes as noted by Dr Hayles occur?
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