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Two quick comments on some posts:

Zac Zimmer says:
Look at Finnegans Wake. I agree it is a book The author strarted and 
finished it. It is the author who defines the work, not the reader.
A poem fits my (heuristic new) definition of a book. And yes a book of 
books can be a boom provided the author considers it a unity. I agree 
with Chartier as you see. Updates are new versions are new books in my 

Katherine Hayles says:
<Significantly, I read both of them in a different room from where my 
computer is;>
I think this is the whole issue. A book is a reading device and therefor 
I keenly interested and research e-books (e-inkbooks, not LCD screens), 
because they are excellent reading devices and can supplant paper. We 
witness a bifurcation between fast-food books (power points of as 
Katherine mentioned an executive summery and conclusions  in chapter one 
and then detailing in the subsequent texts and reader as emerging in a 
story line (which can be a mathematical proof). This the reason we have 
to review new ways of writing, editing and publishing for a different 
context. I remember a very old MAD magazine. The story started with 
buying the Dr. Zivago Mug, then the T- Shirt, subsequently the comic, 
then the film, afterwards the musical and at the end the book. I did see 
many films based on books I haven’t read, because I love film and maybe 
I only wanted to spend 2-3 hours on the story. But I do read cover to 
cover and cannot imagine a film made out of a story. Technology enables 
a ever greater variety of communications. Each of them must be in the 
academic realm of impeccable quality. Web books is certainly a Univ. 
Press pursuit.

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