[-empyre-] empyre Digest, Vol 67, Issue 13

david jhave johnston jhave2 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 13 12:54:04 EST 2010

Neurology explores the unknown self in ways as profound as descartes,
blake or deleuze. (highly recommended: jaak panksepp, affective

In terms of evidence: the notion of kindling seems illustrative.
Kindling ( more expansively described in panksepp or on wikipedia) is
experiential-generated epilepsy. Clearly repetitive exposure to
environmental (phenomena converted into chemo-electric) stimulus has

The internet is a mass effect transmitting traversal waves of
neurological change.

Today i read a novel by a poet i admired in the 1980s; a third of the
way into the book i was impatient; halfway thru i succumbed and began
to skim. Maybe the book was bad, but the first sentence of each
paragraph seemed sufficient for comprehension. I read 120 pages in 40
minutes; and probably (just as the evidence suggests) could write an
essay on the novel today (it's patterns and themes very clear), but
with each passing day, it's memory will fade swiftly. Parametric
curves; damping waves.  Relevance.

Katherine, one tangential question: which were these 2 books you
mentioned having recently read deeply?


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