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Johannes Birringer Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk
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hi all;

not quite wanting to echo Christopher Sullivan's outcry, i do feel that something perhaps might be said about this month's dialogue itself. 
I have not been able to respond to many posts directly, but tried to engage some of the initial claims that were made, and have been working my way through
the catalog or the exhibition on processual art we were invited to attend,  and posed some questions regarding the content and the effect of the work processualized.  
(when I referred to cracked i was of course being ironic, we loved our glitches for a while) 

 christopher sullivan says: 

We make our work about other things, like most filmmakers, writers, painters,
play writes, have been doing forever.
      Why are so many New Media artists and academics, embracing modernism at
this moment in history. do we really have so little faith in having a
meaningful dialogue with the world at large! where is your blood?

and for me, meaningful dialogue of the work, or the curators and artists and practitioners involved would seem to want to be open to questions about performance and behavior, and who is meant to acted upon or invited to participate and how (with generative images or self-organizing systems or living organisms.....), and to what end. 

with regards

PS.  picture attached of self organizing system, from last rehearsal; we are growing a leaves dress to be worn by a dancer who will perform a cycle of fade outs (dying) while generating a new virtual world in 3d with her left arm/leg. her right side will be reborn and the cycle alternate. 

Johannes Birringer
dap lab

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